“In late 2019 with high turnover of the open pit management team, inefficiencies in the drill and blast function began to creep in rather quickly. To add to the complexity we had three companies involved in completing the drill and blast works (contract driller, owner shotfirer, and explosives supplier) which meant it didn’t take long for various issues to have a significant impact on drill and blast performance. At this stage we engaged Astute Consulting to identify specifics of where things were going astray, and to advise on what actions to take in order for us to get performance back to expected levels. After a site visit and brief review of our information and status quo, Astute’s Luke Masters was able to identify a few key and many other items and recommended interventions to get us back on track all summarised in a comprehensive easy to follow report. Attention to relevant detail and identifying “high impactors” along with practical easy to implement solutions was duly noted, and we quickly saw a positive change on the drill and blast front in 2020.”

Matt Antill – Mining Manager – Mount Monger Operations – Silver Lake Resources Limited .  

“We engaged Luke to conduct a gap analysis on our drill and blast management system. His thorough and transparent approach proved to offer significant insights and improvements. His knowledge, skills and approach are incredibly unique working from the ground up to provide solutions to the bigger picture.

Luke also assisted in the development of crucial drill and blast cost management systems and audit process in QA/QC. This allowed us to identify further gaps in our design compared to execution. I would highly recommend Astute Consulting’s services to those who see the value in a 3rd party point of view.”

Mulu Desta – Open Pit Mining Manager

“We engaged Astute Consulting to assess our culture onsite. The approach was pragmatic which turned into real tangible results. The insightful information we have gained has given us direction on which steps to take next. I would recommend Astute Consulting to any organisation wishing an outside view.”

Keith Muller – General Manager