Astute Consulting seeks to be a leading Operational Management Consulting firm and the first choice for organisations needing assistance in the development and improvement of their management systems.



Astute Consulting takes pride in identifying opportunities for improvement in its client’s management systems within in the mining and drill and blast sector. We will provide an evidence-based approach which is transparent and unbiased to construct a foundation for our client’s success. Astute Consulting will work with its clients from the bottom up connecting employees and processes to organisational goals and values.


Core Values



Astute Consulting will only provide factual information to its client’s. Un-wanted news is viewed as an opportunity for learning and improvement.


Astute Consulting understands each client has individual and dynamic needs. We will adapt our services to ensure there are successful outcomes for our clients.


Astute Consulting holds itself responsible with its clients internal information. We will never disclose our clients confidential information to a third party.


Astute Consulting will only provide services within the bounds of its capabilities and knowledge.


Operational Auditing

Operational and compliance auditing within the Mining and Drill and Blast sector. Click for more.


Safety Culture Assessment

Organisational issues impacting at the site level or business as a whole. Click for more.

Cost Management

Analysing company data to identify variances in cost assumptions from planned verse actual. Click for more.