Astute Consulting

Astute Consulting aims to deliver successful outcomes to its clients by identifying solutions from the ground up through its Operational Management Consulting service.

Our auditing service takes an evidence-based approach to find solutions to wide-ranging problems by using our experience in the mining and drill and blast sector. The adherence to mining legislation and standards can be overlooked when there is a change in management and a loss of knowledge from the organisation. The purpose is to provide clients with transparent and un-bias recommendations and assist with the development of systems identified in the gap analysis.

This service aims to improve the operational safety performance of our clients while reducing risk and managing their costs. The value created by a third-party opinion allows our clients to make decisions with a differing perspective. Our Safety Culture Assessment will provide data on the safety climate within the organisation. This will allow measured decisions to be made on focus areas in the safety management system. Safety culture factors are measured using applied industry research techniques and are evaluated through statistical methods.

Cost management becomes crucial in times of falling commodity prices. Our experience working with both mine owners and mining contractors has identified the different business objectives. Understanding whether you are getting what you pay for can be overlooked if there is not a focus on quality. Furthermore, understanding planned verse actual cost and why there is a variance is essential to managing costs moving into the future. Our service provides an independent viewpoint on what the causes of high costs are from the bottom up, considering factors such as quality, haulage, blast design, contractual issues, or underestimated input costs.

Astute Consulting

Operational Auditing

Operational and compliance auditing within the Mining and Drill and Blast sector. Click for more.


Safety Culture Assessment

Organisational issues impacting at the site level or business as a whole. Click for more.

Cost Management

Analysing company data to identify variances in cost assumptions from planned verse actual. Click for more.